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Frekvently Asked Questions / FAQs

General Questions

What is www.e-ducation.com portal?
www.e-ducation.com portal is a social-educational system where is possible to study courses from our catalogue, lead on-line paid consultation, create, sale and distribute e-learning courses, or train your own employees during the in-house trainings.

For whom is www.e-ducation.com portal intended?
For all who are interested in public and self-education. This portal is intended to the individuals for the course learning, to the companies for the training of their employees, to the educational organisations for the electronic courses creation, to the e-learning companies for the distribution of their courses and to the schools for education of the students.


Who can registrate in?
Anyone can register onto the portal as a private user. Even if a company (or an enterprise) is interested in using the system, it has to be firstly registered as a private user. Only then other access rights to use a system are added.

Is the registration for free?
Yes, the registration on the www.e-ducation.com is for free.

Technical questions

How is it possible to create e-learning courses on the www.e-ducation.com portal?
The courses can be either created directly on the website www.e-ducation.com or uploaded already made courses in the external programmes (Adobe Captive, Camtasia, Powerpoint, iSpring) which meet an internationally accepted standard SCORM.

How is it possible to sell courses on www.e-ducation.com?
We are able to sell your courses via credit cards. The creators and distributors of the courses have an access to the complete financial management, which includes: creation of the course prices, discounts, discount coupons, financial overviews, etc.

Licence for schools

Are schools charged for using the website www-e-ducation.com?
Using MY e-ducation is free of charge for all schools worldwide with a status of „high school“.

Financial questions

How much will I get paid for sale of my courses created or distributed via website www.e-ducation.com ?
We use standard model 70/30 for the payments. The author of the course is paid 70% and 30% is left for the website operation from the net price without the Value Added Tax (VAT).

Selling price of the course: 120,- €
VAT (20% by the Slovak Republic law): 20,- €
Author of the course: 70,- €
Website operation: 30,- €

How much does it cost to use www.e-ducation.com website for the company purposes (in-house trainings)?
Calculation available on request.
MY e-ducation Team